Corporate Message

MOIL Holdings Co., Ltd.

Changing the World and Making Japan Strong by Supplying Sustainable Bioenergy

There is a lot of gloomy news that a decreasing birthrate and aging of the population, and a widening gap in income between rich and poor.
Extreme weather events harm many people not only in Japan but also worldwide.
However, the global efforts to create a sustainable society are delayed.
Also in Japan, it is said that the widespread use of sustainable energy is difficult.
We address an energy business to change this situation.
Our new energy is a renewable petroleum fuel, as it were.
It has merits that are able to storage and contain high energy, which the existing renewable energy such as solar power generation does not have.
I am certain that the expansion of our business makes Japan an oil producer and also greatly change the world.
I hope spreading to the world of our new energy business achieves the sustainable world and stop extreme weather.
Further it will result in fewer disputes over resources, and perhaps armed conflict will eventually disappear.
We aim to create a better world where many people can peacefully smile.

MOIL Holdings Co., Ltd.


MOIL Group Corporate Principle

Our Mission

With the global community shifting its energy reliance away from the finite world of petroleum resources and toward the unlimited universe of biomass resources, our mission is to supply eco-friendly, easy-to-use bioenergy from Japan.

Our Vision

All eyes are on Japan as we approach 2021, and MOIL Holdings is here to take its place as a new energy merchant that is capable of producing energy from algae, camelina, and virtually any other type of biomass.

Origin of The MOIL Logo

The MOIL logo is a loop of green (algae) and red (strength), representing the infinite cycle of new energy we will produce.
The ‘M’ in MOIL represents not only the Japanese word for algae, mo, but also a host of words with great significance to children, such as mother and milk. It encapsulates a wish to become the most familiar form of energy for the children of today that will lead the world in the future.

Corporate Profile

Introduction of MOIL Holdings and subsidiary companies
Company Name MOIL Holdings Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment April 20, 2017
Capital ¥977,376,551 (Including the capital reserves of ¥967,376,551)
Address 10-3 Koujimachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi
Representative Hiroki Miyashita, President

Subsidiary Companies

Company Name MOIL Inc.
Date of Establishment November 11, 2011
Capital ¥317,156,760 (Including the capital reserves of ¥287,156,760)
Address [Head Office] 10-3 Koujimachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, EXPERT OFFICE Kojimachi
[Production Site] The First Plant: Asahi New Industrial Park in Asahi City, Chiba
Representative Hiroki Miyashita, President
Affiliated company MOIL Laboratories Inc. (R&D of Biofuel)